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Macros, Python and Hotkeys

Oh my?

Last week I started a Macropad side project. If you’re not already familiar, a macropad is a small keyboard that can be customized with various media controls, shortcuts, and macros.

Explain it to me like I’m 5? Sure! You can make any key type “Hello World!” any time you press it. This is really just a simple example, though. You can pretty much set up any key to do anything (in the realm of keyboard and mouse commands at least) The possibilities feel endless, so I’ll likely come back to this project periodically.

I decided to configure my macropad for functional and practical uses. 👇

  • Frequently used git commands, such as:
    • git add .
    • git commit -m
    • git checkout
  • VSCode shortcuts:
    • Preferences: CMD + P
    • Comment toggle: CMD + /
  • Google Chrome shortcuts:
    • New Incognito window
    • Open Github dashboard
  • Zoom shortcuts:
    • Mute
    • Share screen

My Python Journey:

I used Adafruit’s RP2040 Macropad for this project. This keyboard runs on CircuitPython so the macros are compiled in Python. Even though I’m still a Python newbie, I’m still very interested in the language. My only other experience with Python has been all RaspberryPi related. So this project ended up being a really great and fun learning opportunity. Check out my Github repository if you want to check it out 👀 (see important links below)

Important Links:

Adafruit Macropad RP2040

My Github Project Repo – Will likely be updated periodically with new Macros as I think of and compile them

Project Pictures and Videos

custom macro snippet
git commands in action
vscode shortcuts
chrome shortcuts

Happy coding,


2 responses to “Macros, Python and Hotkeys”

  1. […] particular contribution was to this awesome-macropad GitHub repo! You might remember my Adafruit RP2040 Macropad Project from this past week; well, my custom git, Mac Chrome, VSCode, Zoom, and Misc. macro code is now […]


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