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Chronic burnout and community

This is something our instructor discussed with us tonight. They suggested all the possible ways to avoid it as a programmer, you know…. walk away from your code and come back later, use your resources, get enough sleep, and the sorts. If you’re interested in this topic, check out this article:

On the topic of community, I feel like my peers and I have grown a great one in a few short months. We have our Slack messenger, where our TAs and instructor are also involved, and we have a Discord study server for just us. Both places are very active, and someone is always quick to respond to solutions. Community and mentorships were two of the biggest reasons I chose to go the Bootcamp route rather than self-taught, and I couldn’t be happier with the community we’ve created. Not to mention, helping others with their code is actually great practice.

With Module 12 just about wrapped up we’re one week closer to completion — I’m feeling more and more like a full stack developer each and every week.

Happy coding,


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