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My first post…

I’ve decided to *officially* start tracking my professional web developer journey via blog. I’ve never been a ~blogger~ per-say. Even back during my Tumblr days, I exclusively used the platform to post my Photoshop/Illustrator Taylor Swift edits and reblog things of interest to me.

These days though, I have a lot to say. A lot of knowledge to share. A lot of things I want to track, even if it’s just for future-me to look back on. The idea is in a few years, or even a few months, I want to look back at these posts and think, “wow, I’ve come so far….I’ve learned so much.”

So why WordPress? My Professional Portfolio is hosted on GitHub Pages so I could’ve easily hosted my blog there, right? Yes, but I want to take this opportunity to sharpen my WordPress skills and add this powerful open-source CMS to my skill set and toolbox.

All that being said… here’s to my first thought-blog project, if that makes any sense. Here’s to a million more words and lines of code.

Talk to you soon,


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